“Night Triumphant”

“Only you can decide what breaks you, Cursebreaker. Only you.”

This is not a blog post discussing the lack of rep in Sarah’s books, and I’m not going to discuss whether we should be reading problematic books flagged by POC and the LGBT+ community. Personally, I stand by the mantra: If you want to be part of the conversation, then you have to be educated in the source material. But you also need to be aware of harmful tropes and acknowledge when books contain them.

ACOWAR was a step up for Sarah in terms of diversity, but it wasn’t perfect. Do some research, listen to those in minority groups, and be well-read and well-researched in the topics brought up in this series.

The rest of this post will be spoilery, so if you haven’t read ACOWAR yet then I have some brief non-spoiler thoughts in my May reflection. Continue reading