A Spoonful of Sugar

This might sound crazy, but your sugar enthusiast, Abbie Amy, is embarking on an 8 week sugar-free adventure. I’m joining many people (you might call us insane) across the world, in Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Program. From tomorrow, that spoonful of sugar will be cut out of my life.

And I’m slightly terrified. 

I love sugar, like most humans, and I take sweet over savoury every damn time. But how much weight does sugar hold in affecting my life? If I stop eating sugar, will I have more energy? More productivity? I sure as hell hope so.

I’m quitting sugar for 8 weeks because apparently that’s how long you need to make something stick. We shall see how well I go, but what better way to be held accountable than putting it all on the internet?

I’ll be checking in here (weekly?) to give you what I’m sure will be emotional updates, but HOPEFULLY ones that will be ultimately positive.


What do I want to achieve from this?

I want to find out just HOW much sugar controls my eating habits.

I want to learn some new sugar-free dinner recipes.

I want to see what a sugar-free existence does for my body.


On Thursday I was emailed my wonderful shopping list and recipe plan for the week, and wow the meals look delicious. Seriously, if they taste as good as they sound then maybe I’ll be okay? I’ll be eating carrot and thyme breakfast loaf, curried courgette fritters, turmeric and quinoa falafel wraps…


Wesley being supportive of this new endeavour

I’m going to need lots of other creature comforts to get me through this though. (Books, baths, yoga, crying on the phone to my best friend.) But I am very excited to make what I’m sure is going to be a great life decision.

Okay, now I’m off to cook up a storm and let the real work begin.

Wish me luck!


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