When You Wish Upon A Paris Pavement

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Bonjour! We left off last time at the beautiful Arc De Triomphe, and now we must venture towards my favourite monument in Paris: Notre Dame. Notre Dame is best known for being the home of our favourite hunchback, Quasimodo. (Yes I did have to resist belting ‘God Help the Outcasts’ from the top of my lungs.) From memory, it’s a bit of a walk from the Champs-Élysées but seriously, walking is the BEST way to see a new city. I just hope you’ve worn comfortable shoes.

Notre Dame was everything I hoped it would be. It didn’t feel as commercial as the Eiffel Tower, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t still bursting at the seams with tourists.

Inside the cathedral is spectacular and pretty awe-inspiring, so I definitely recommend having a wander.

I am so beyond happy that I can tick visiting this beautiful place off my bucket list!

I once read a book where the protagonist moves to Paris and is taken to Point Zero—the very centre of the city. It is here that she is told to make a wish. After she makes her wish many amazing things happen to her. Obviously I had to try this out for myself, especially as Point Zero is right outside Notre Dame.

There’s something so romantic about wishes, but there’s something even more romantic about making them in secret spots in a crowded city. This is a busy part of Paris (hello NOTRE DAME is right there!) but Point Zero goes unnoticed by most people. It didn’t take long to find though, and when I did I was giddy with excitement. This was the main reason why I wanted to come to Paris, (I wish I was kidding), and here I was, finally.

Yes, I made my wish. And no, you can’t know what it was—because a lady never wishes and tells.

Don’t miss this place if you visit Notre Dame. Take the time to find it—and wish for yourself.

Shakespeare and Company is an independent bookstore that any bibliophile must demand to visit if they ever find themselves in Paris. It’s just across from Notre Dame, (seriously, this is my favourite spot in Paris), and has the cutest cafe attached to it.

Inside is a dream. Shelves that reach the ceiling! Books in every nook and cranny! Tiny reading corners! It’s seriously beautiful. I could have bought many, many books but my poor backpack wouldn’t have coped! I will 100% be revisiting in the future.

And that concludes my walking tour of Paris! But never fear, the Parisian adventure is set to continue with a trip to a famous palace…

Stay tuned!

To be continued…



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  1. That’s so cool that you got to see Point Zero!! I remember reading about it in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel series and it has been on my bucket list ever since.

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