A Spoonful of Sugar

This might sound crazy, but your sugar enthusiast, Abbie Amy, is embarking on an 8 week sugar-free adventure. I’m joining many people (you might call us insane) across the world, in Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Program. From tomorrow, that spoonful of sugar will be cut out of my life.

And I’m slightly terrified.  Continue reading

All The Things In June 2017

“End of May or early June, this picture perfect afternoon we shared.”

June was such a rollercoaster month. I didn’t do as much reading as I would have liked (because, life) but I thoroughly enjoyed what I did end up reading. I only saw one movie last month, but I did become obsessed with another Broadway musical, bought what is now a favourite winter accessory, got new glasses and fell in love with yellow nail polish.  Continue reading

Are you keeping busy?

Growing up, I never wanted to go to university. At first the idea terrified me. Choosing your own classes? Making new friends with strangers? Referencing? What even is referencing?!!!

A lot of these insecurities melted away as I got older, but the core of the issue still stood: I didn’t want to go to university.  Continue reading

All The Things In April 2017

“We start with stars in our eyes
We start believing that we belong
But every sun doesn’t rise
And no one tells you where you went wrong”

—Dear Evan Hansen

April went by in a blink. Between eating my weight in hot cross buns, and celebrating two 21st birthdays, I managed to achieve some writing goals and become addicted to a new musical.  Continue reading